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Add preview GCF

Add preview GCF

Posted by Victor 2007-07-24

Remove old version

1) I will remove the 2D Graphic Viewer Install Files
2) I will remove the Compact Visio Install Files
3) The new version of 2D Graphic Viewer will publish as soon as fix some bugs in GCF based Repo.And it will named "GCF" as a dependent software.

Posted by Victor 2007-07-04


Make the new branch named "GCF"
It will run on .Net Framework 3.5.

Posted by Victor 2007-07-03

Compact Visio PreRelease

Today release Compact Visio

Posted by Victor 2007-04-29

New Mission

In this new year ,this project will restart .
Mission 1 : make it easy to create a project like the Compact version of Microsoft Visio.
Mission 2 : make it useful and easy to use for the people who need make a greeting card himself.

Posted by Victor 2007-03-20 Version Update Version Update

Posted by Victor 2006-11-21 version Update version Update

Posted by Victor 2006-11-10

Version Update

Version Update
In this version :
the image viewer is more useful.

Posted by Victor 2006-11-03

Version Update

Version Update

Posted by Victor 2006-10-18 Version Update Version Update

Posted by Victor 2006-10-16 version update version update

Posted by Victor 2006-10-13

Version Update

Version Update

Posted by Victor 2006-10-07

Release new version

This version fixed some bugs reported befored today .

Posted by Victor 2006-09-27

Release new version

These are the changes in this version
1)Fix Shape Draw(Pating) Mode when general action
2)Fix ExportToImage size
3)Restore the Canvas Boundary and it's setting
4)Combined the ImageView with XLAGCanvas Component
5)Add Image Editor Utility combined with Image Viewer

Posted by Victor 2006-09-26

Release new version

This version fixed some problems reported by dazad in forum .
And besides that ,this version refactor some utilities to give the user better UI .

Posted by Victor 2006-09-23

Last Stable Version released

This version is the last version which has not fixed bugs reported by tester .
It is also a small milestone to tag this version .
Due to some big changes to the version ,it has to tag this version .
This version is the best version by now.

Posted by Victor 2006-09-22