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Welcome to your SourceForge project!

This is the Admin area of your project, where you can set your project details, permissions, options and more. Your project has many tools available in the top menu, each with its own customization and settings.

Here's a quick tour of a few important things to get started:

Describe your project

Enter your project description, then upload screenshots if you've got them, and categorize your project. This helps people know what your project is all about.

Add tools

Add more code repositories, ticket trackers, wikis, links, whatever your project needs!


Rename and change settings for your tools. Remove any you don't need.

Add users

Add other developers to your project. Try our Project Help Wanted forums to find other people to help out.

Start coding

Commit your code to your repo. Or, if you have code somewhere else, import it or add link to it (add an 'External Link' tool).

Make a release

Upload an installer or .zip of your software, so people can easily get it and use it.