Shared library

  • Bryan Stillwell

    Bryan Stillwell - 2006-12-11

    I see that static libraries are being created during the tesseract build
    process, but unfortunately there aren't any shared libraries.  I have
    another project where python bindings to tesseract would be quite
    useful, but before I can create these bindings I need to have access to
    tesseract's ocr abilities through a shared library...

    Before starting in on this project, I wanted to see if this has worked
    at all in tesseract's past?  Also, is there anything I should watch out


    • - 2006-12-11

      In windows, I have tesseract running as a DLL. It was not that hard. The problem was with the API versus file output.

      A new simple API is coming from what I understand.

    • Leonardo M. Ramé

      Hi JetSoftDev, can you tell me what are the changes need to be made to tesseract to run as a dll?. Or better yet, can you send me the modified tesseract code to compile as a dll?.

      Thanks in advance.

    • The Killer Fox

      The Killer Fox - 2006-12-25

      hi all, i also would like to know what changes should be made to make tesseract run as a dll?

    • Nathan

      Nathan - 2007-01-03


      Can you please send me the changes as well?

      Thank you so much,

    • Ansel Halliburton

      I'm in the same boat as the original poster - I'd like to use Tesseract from Python.  Help! :)

    • - 2007-04-08

      Here is the dll for tess. We hope to get the code for it in the next version of tess:


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