Ruwan Janapriya - 2008-10-12

Hi All,

I am happy to share my work on the above project with you. You can find the download link at the end of this message.

I tried my best to simplify the training process using the GUI. In theory, you don't need to open a command prompt or use any other editor during the training process. Initial release is marked as 0.1 alpha. Obviously alpha release is not bullet proof. There should be bugs here and there. Also there is a margin for improving performance.

Please give your valuable feedback on add/remove features on this project.

JTesseract provides following features.
* Box editor - Visual
* Project based approach - Save and Retrieve later
* Step by step training process with debug - Advanced and Simple mode

JTesseract is developed in C# .NET.

Project homepage:


Ruwan Janapriya