It wasn't too hard to beat the GUI to work - I can select a region on the screen and
it recognizes it right out of the bitmap. In fact, it has the same functionaly as except that tesseract is directly linked in
as opposed of being wrapper with java (as it is in glocr). The benefit is that
you can open all the file formats supported by wxWidgets and also can paste in images
from the clipboard (tested under Fedora 6, but no reason it doesn't work for Windoze)
(and can paste OUT the recognized text - which I'm faking right now because it still writes the text to the usual file but that will change).

I also twisted the commandline to use wxCmdLineParser:

NOW, my biggest problem is my original handicap: lack of C++. While waiting for my books
to arrive, I happened to find:
(which you can download for free!) and I've found it to be pretty understandable. It assumes knowledge of C (or ADA) which is perfect for me. I just finished Ch1 :)

I'm not planning to release sources until the simplified API comes out - it's a mess right now (I ifdef'ed out the main(), basically :-)