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Release of v0.4.11

Important details have changed concerning commands. Review release notes.

Posted by Roy Laurie 2005-04-18

0.4.6 Release

== Changelog ==
* Added PlayerWindow support.
* Added Menu support.
* Added Menu support for TopDawg and SuperStats.
* Added support for 3 name aliases to be recorded.
* Fixed incorrect weaponsKills and weaponsDeaths bugs.
* Fixed MapsKills and PlayersKills arrays.
* Incorporated Valve's new GameEvent system.
* Removed '.' from console commands.
* Added console command 'terrastats' to help menu.... read more

Posted by Roy Laurie 2005-04-16

Beta Testing

For those interested in such, we could really use your help...

"The closed-beta team will be considered developers on the project and will be given credit for their contribution. They'll also receive developer accounts on SourceForge for the project as well as developer accounts on the official TerraStats forums..."


Posted by Roy Laurie 2005-04-06

TerraStats Logo: Public Request

It's almost time for me to make a simple website for the TerraStats project. I need a nice logo to go along with it. Creativity is appreciated. Try to include both an idea portraying TerraStats as well as Counter-Strike in some manner. Hand drawn stuff or CGI, doesn't matter.

The logo(s) will have to be released to public domain, as the project is GPL. Of course, credit given and artistic signatures allowed.... read more

Posted by Roy Laurie 2005-03-17

Test Server

The HalfLifeTwoDev Map of the Week server is currently being used to run the latest stable build (released and unreleased) of TerraStats.

The address is mapoftheweek.nuclearfallout.net. Default port.

Basically I run an unreleased, expected stable release for a few days on MOTW before releasing it publically, to be sure.

Players may see the latest version or they may see just the last release. It depends on whether the plugin is crashing things.

Posted by Roy Laurie 2005-03-05

Crashes, Bugs, Feature Requests

*PLEASE* post them in the project tracker. I need as much information as I can get to debug.

Posted by Roy Laurie 2005-02-13


Official documentation for the TerraStats package is available via the project's DocManager.

Posted by Roy Laurie 2005-02-12

TerraStats @ SF

TerraStats has found its new home in SourceForge. My warm thanks and applause to SF for accepting another one of my silly projects.

To start things off I'd like to outline my plans for the TerraStats project package:
* The CSS Server Plugin
* The Local Website Package
* The Group Website Package
* Open API for several languages.

Posted by Roy Laurie 2005-02-11