TerraIM 1.2 Feature Requests

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  • Link

    Link - 2006-04-11

    well you can get rid of the shortcut thing... i dont really care but good idea.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Not sure if this has been mentioned but...
    *Hide Messages When Away

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    i think we should be able to put up status messages like on regular AIM.
    this would be great for me.

  • AAvRA

    AAvRA - 2008-11-10

    I love the remote control feature, but I also want to make extra use of it when I'm on the road, and I forgot to lock my computer. I know there are some programs out there that will remote control the computer by IM, and other computers, but I'd like to know if you can add a few keywords to the remote control like "lockpc" or "shutdownpc". Is there a way to add these things too?

  • AAvRA

    AAvRA - 2008-11-10

    Also, I know this may be a security risk, but I'd also like to run programs remotely (like I have small programs to empty the trash, or to defrag the disk while I'm out).

  • esbee_

    esbee_ - 2008-12-05

    Perhaps you can add a simple "Copy Link" for when you right click on a URL?

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