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A new begining?

Terracotta was our first Open Source effort and really had a niche. Web technologies have really moved forward in the last three years and we thought its time to give Terracotta a real polish.

We are back and yes there is another version coming for all those who have waited for it all these years.

Posted by Devraj Mukherjee 2007-07-11

0.7.1 Alpha 1

Download and try Alpha 1 for the new version. There are many patches and about 8 new changes.

Please donot consider using this on a live server.

Posted by Devraj Mukherjee 2004-09-23

OpenTerracotta to be licensed under LGPL

Eternity Technologies today decided that OpenTerracotta's development be continued as an open source project but the licensing be licensed under the LGPL rather than the GPL.

Devraj Mukherjee is back on the project for 0.7.1 and has already begun work for the next minor release. The new minor update will feature a move option, bug fixes reported over time and a new theme.

German language files are to become a part of this new release as well.

Posted by Devraj Mukherjee 2004-09-22

German Language files for ANASTACIA

0.7 release fan Yeti the Schneemensch has submitted German language files for OpenTerracotta. The files are availabe for download from the language-addons section and the project will embrace these language files as part of the standard distribution as of the next revision.

My thanks to Jrn Tschersich for his efforts with OpenTerracotta.

Posted by Devraj Mukherjee 2004-09-20

The Roxanne Project

Terracotta features available as Apache mods, check out of the Roxanne project by the developers of OpenTerracotta at http://sourceforge.net/projects/roxanne/

Posted by Devraj Mukherjee 2004-09-10

OT declared active again

OT development has once again been declared active here at Eternity Technologies. Principal developer Devraj Mukherjee will be involved in writing some advanced features along with other developers contributing the major amount of code.

Posted by Devraj Mukherjee 2004-08-09

Eternity Technologies to release commercial version of OT

Eternity Technologies Pty. Ltd. today annouced that they are going to release a version of OpenTerracotta that will feature a WYSIWYG editor based on the famous RichEditor for PHP and a much desired move feature.

This version is going to be avialable for online purchase for about AUD $50 per site license. Multi-domain (CPU licenses) will be available for AUD $300

Write to sales@eternitytechnologies.com for further information. A release annoucement will be made on this site.... read more

Posted by Devraj Mukherjee 2004-08-09

End of Life

Devraj Mukherjee at Eternity Technologies Pty. Ltd. Australia today declared that OpenTerracotta has now reached the end of it's life and the development of the product will be discontinued.

Devraj has run the project by himself for the past two years and thinks that the products has reached its ultimate maturity and due to lack of time he will be unable to contribute.

Eternity Technologies Pty. Ltd. still promises to provide support and customization services for the product. Devraj Mukherjee will also resign from all the list serves related to OpenTerracotta at the end of this year.... read more

Posted by Devraj Mukherjee 2004-05-14

0.7.1 TODO

1. Move items from one location to the other

Any other suggestions are welcome.

Posted by Devraj Mukherjee 2004-05-06

ANASTACIA is being used for serious business

Recently Eternity Technologies has customized a copy of OpenTerracotta for Metro Broadcast who now use it for maintaining archives of PDF documents.

The customized copy of OpenTerracotta features a MySQL authentication module to validate multiple users for the one gallery.

Visit Eternity Technologies at http://eternitytechnologies.com/ more details on professional services and consulting with OpenTerracotta

Posted by Devraj Mukherjee 2004-03-22

ANASTACIA available via anonymous RSYNC

If you use OpenTerracotta seriously for your business and wish stay upto date with our code base or if you wish to mirror OpenTerracotta for downloads then get in touch with one of the developers by emailing anastacia@eternitytechnologies.com and setup and anonymous RSYNC with our servers and stay up to date with the ANASTACIA source code.

Posted by Devraj Mukherjee 2004-03-22

ZIP for Windows users

ANASTACIA is now available in the ZIP file format for Microsoft Windows users. There are no differences between the .tar.gz and .zip release.

If you have any trouble please contact anastacia@eternitytechnologies.com

The team is also looking at making ANASTACIA available using anonymous RSYNC

Posted by Devraj Mukherjee 2004-03-10


It's bug free and stable, ANASTACIA commonly know as OpenTerracotta 0.7 is now available for world wide download in it's final stages. With a couple of bug fixes since BETA2, it is a recommended download for all OpenTerracotta users.

Posted by Devraj Mukherjee 2004-01-30

BETA 2 released for ANASTACIA

ANASTACIA BETA 2 was relesaed on the 23rd of January 2004. This is release has been earlier than expected but the developers claim that there were enough changes.

This BETA features a slide show function for image galleries

Posted by Devraj Mukherjee 2004-01-23

Older packages renamed

The older released were released under branch names of TCPE (Terracotta Personal Edition), they have now been renamed to openterracotta-versionnumber.

The release ANASTACIA contains the current release

Posted by Devraj Mukherjee 2004-01-19

Donate to OpenTerracotta

The Terracotta Project has now been running for more than a year, the development of the product is supported by developers on an individual level. Your donations will buy programming time and keep the product going. One so that the project can be kept alive, good Karma if you find it useful then you could reward the developers of the system. Your donations will be forwarded directly to the developers and it will be used to buy infrastructure, books and software that will help OpenTerracotta going. We thank you for considering donating to OpenTerracotta.

Posted by Devraj Mukherjee 2004-01-18

ANASTACIA is here!

OpenTerracotta 0.7 code named ANASTACIA is now available for download under a BETA tag. Grab your copy now.

BETA 2 will be released on the 26th of this month, followed by the final release on the 30th.

Posted by Devraj Mukherjee 2004-01-18

12 hours to ANASTACIA

ANASTACIA is less than 12 hours away from the world. The management at Eternity Technologies and the developers of OpenTerracotta have decided to launch their new release of OpenTerracotta code named ANASTACIA at 1130 hrs on 19th January 2004.

The developers say it is a brand new product, a complete rewrite of the engine has made OpenTerracotta what we dreamt make your backend less content management experience even more memorable.

Posted by Devraj Mukherjee 2004-01-18

ANASTACIA under development

OpenTerracotta 0.7 codenamed "ANASTACIA" is to be released Christmas day 2003. Make sure you are here to get a copy :-)

Posted by Devraj Mukherjee 2003-12-17


Terracotta 0.7 Personal Edition TODO

Copyright (c) 2003-2004 The Terracotta Project and Eternity Technologies

All source code released under GNU/GPL

Author: Devraj MUKHERJEE (dm@devraj.org)
Created: 12th April 2003

1. Slide Show

Allows slide for image galleries using auto refresh tags. This features
only works for images published under a certain gallery and ignores all
other published content.... read more

Posted by Devraj Mukherjee 2003-05-06

0.6.1 Relesaed. Whats new?

0.6.1 has no changes made to the engine.

1. Client side JavaScript addition for validating file names before the files are updated

Posted by Devraj Mukherjee 2003-01-23

0.6 Released

0.6 Final cut has been released.

A small change has been made from BETA4. This release does not support upgrades from older engines like 0.5.x

0.6 BETA engines can be upgraded by replacing files.

Posted by Devraj Mukherjee 2003-01-08

0.6 on BETA4

Changes for BETA4:

1. Cascading Header and Footer support for Print and View mode
2. Configuration file allows turning off and on of root level link. Please view the Release Notes to know more
3. Addition of Italian language support

Posted by Devraj Mukherjee 2002-12-18

0.6 on BETA3


1. Next and Back buttons configurable using the configuration file.

Posted by Devraj Mukherjee 2002-12-16

0.6 on BETA2

0.6 has been revised

BUG Fixes for:

1. Original Image resize
2. Page Number display
3. Uninstall script
4. Folder creation with icons

Posted by Devraj Mukherjee 2002-12-15