Terracotta Business Edition

  • Jörn Wagner

    Jörn Wagner - 2003-01-31

    Hi Devraj and everybody else!
    I am wondering, since 0.6 is named "Terracotta Personal Edition 0.6",
    will there be some kind of a Business Edition as the final release?
    I am thinking about installing Terracotta as CMS for a project I am
    starting, http://www.fotowebseite.de
    What about using Terracotta for commercial purposes generally?

    Keep up the good work.


    • Devraj Mukherjee

      I dont know if you are still interested, but Business/Professional Edition is ready for deployment/sale at http://eternitytechnologies.com

      Today we also released 0.7 for personal edition, please consider having a look at that

    • Jörn Wagner

      Jörn Wagner - 2004-09-20

      Hi devaj!
      Thanks for replying, albeit a year later. ;-)
      I will take a closer look into 0.7 today but I abandoned the plans for my commercial usage due to zero response from customers.
      They tend to like ACDsee's "Generate HTML page" feature and a FTP account to their webspace more than any server-side solution...


    • Devraj Mukherjee

      I would be intereted in talking about developing a customised solution that could have some commerical potential. Let me know if you are interested



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