#3 Mathematical symbols such as ∀, ∃

Half a Page

It would be nice to have Unicode mathematical symbols such as ∀, ∃, ∄ etc in the font. I am willing to draw them myself if there is a tutorial on how to do that.


  • Dimitar Zhekov

    Dimitar Zhekov - 2012-05-31

    Which ones exactly? There are 19 of them (from IBM-437 and user requests), but the full set is about 295, many will be tricky to write (2204, 2209, 221B, 221C, 2272, ...), and many impossible (222D, 222F, 2230, 2278, 2279, ...).

  • Dimitar Zhekov

    Dimitar Zhekov - 2012-05-31
    • assigned_to: nobody --> sheckley
  • Half a Page

    Half a Page - 2012-06-01

    Should all sizes of the font include all symbols?

  • Dimitar Zhekov

    Dimitar Zhekov - 2012-06-03

    All sizes, normal and bold. For characters with 3 vertical lines, 8x1[46] bold also includes versions with 1 and 2 pixel middle vertical line - see 'm' or 0448. I studied years ago, but can't remember seeing most of the unicode characters...

  • Dimitar Zhekov

    Dimitar Zhekov - 2012-07-07

    I still don't know which characters exactly you need. If you write them, feel free to post a .diff (against the .bdf files included in 4.38) in the patches tracker.

  • Dimitar Zhekov

    Dimitar Zhekov - 2012-07-07
    • status: open --> closed

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