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I'm a Bulgarian and I must say that the Terminus monospace font is extremely good and looks awesome!

However, as a linguist myself, I found a few minor errors that need to be resolved, so that the font can be
even better.

Here's a brief description of the problems that I've found.
Copy and paste the following string in a text editor with Terminus set as the default font to be used:

"1. малко латинско „k“ – вертикалната черта продължава над височината на горната диагонална черта!
малко българско „к“ – вертикалната черта НЕ трябва да продължава над височината на горната диагонална черта! => грешка във външния вид на шрифта!

2. абвгдежзийклмнопрстуфхцчшщъьюя
АБВГДЕЖЗИЙКЛМНОПРСТУФХЦЧШЩ(?)ЮЯ – не е наличен знакът за главна буква „ер малък“! => за добавяне към шрифта чрез просто копиране и малка промяна на главната буква за „ер голям“!

2. От шрифта липсват малка и главна буква на буквения вариант „и с надреден знак за ударение (като „\“, но по-малко и над буквата)“"

That's basically the explanation of the 2 problems in Bulgarian.
A very shortened English version goes like so:

1. The lowercase Cyrillic letter "к" is drawn incorrectly. Despite popular belief, it is NOT completely identical to the Latin lowercase "k". Due to the fact that many font developers tend to make similar looking glyphs by simply copy-pasting the same glyph outline, in order to keep the font look consistent, this is a regularly made mistake when Westerners create fonts with support for the Cyrillic alphabet (though in this case, you, the develop, are not a Westerner and you seem to have made that small mistake out of hurry or some other similarly insignificant mistake).

2. The font is missing the capital (uppercase) letter variant for the "small er" (i.e. the capital version of the "ь") letter. Please add it to the font, it's seems that making a copy of the uppercase "Ъ" and just modifying it to make into a capital form of "ь" would be all it takes.

3. Uppercase and lowercase variants of the letter variant "Cyrillic I with grave accent" are missing from the font.

Also, I'll be monitoring your excellent font from now on and if I have any further suggestions or bug reports, I'll be sure to drop another bug report / suggestion ticket. :)

P.S. Thank you for creating such a nice font! I've been using it on and off for some time now and it's just awesome for programming, as well as other purposes!

Yours faithfully,


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    1. Има два варианта с малко "к" (вижте terminus-font.sourceforge.net); подразбира се ниското "к".

    2. Има от първата версия (преди 18 години). Доколкото е рядко използван, в някои клавиатурни подредби го заменят с друг знак, например малко и с ударение (ѝ).
    (орязването на Ъ по принцип работи, но понякога хоризонталната позиция се получава некоректна и трябва да се мръдне малко)

    3. Има, U+040D и U+045D. Ако ползвате 8-битова кодова страница, може да липсват - например Windows CP1251 не ги съдържа. Ако софтуера Ви ползва Adobe Glyph List кодове вместо unicode, тези символи са недостъпни, но това важи за всички шрифтове.

    Now in English:

    1. There are two variants of the lowercase cyrillic k (see terminus-font.sourceforge.net), with the lower k as default. Despite popular belief, the high stem variant is legal - you can see it in some old fonts, or as decorative in magazines and ADs.

    2. It contains capital hard sign from the very first version (from 18 years ago). Being a rarely used character, it's sometimes replaced in the keyboard layouts, for example with cyrillic i grave.
    (cutting down capital hard sign generally works, but sometimes the horizontal position is incorrect and must be adjusted a bit)

    3. It contains them, U+040D and U+045D. They may be missing if you are using an 8-bit code page - for example, Windows CP1251 does not include them. If your software uses Adobe Glyph List codes insteaf of unicode, they will be inaccessible, but that applies to all fonts.

    Which operating system, GUI and font version / package are you using? Your problems seem related to them.


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