"Iron Resolve" version

  • Hugh Brackett

    Hugh Brackett - 2005-10-20

    I am planning the next release of Temptation Blocker. My biggest problem is getting back to work after taking a break. Iron Resolve will reverse the way the blocker works. You will set the times for breaks and how long they are. The blocker will be active until a break time arrives. When the break time arrives, Temptation Blocker will unlock, but the blocked programs will stay blocked. When you unblock them, the break time begins to count down. This avoids turning Temptation Blocker into Temptation Monger as it would be if the breaks were "use it or loose it". Along with this, I'm going to look into letting the programs continue to run if they're active but putting them off limits. This would avoid loosing whatever you were doing when the blocker kicks in (of course if you're playing a game, the bad guys might get you). I will keep the ability to turn the blocker on for a specified amount of time as it works now.

    I am interested to hear what folks think about this feature.

    • Simon East

      Simon East - 2005-10-25

      Hi... Yeah, sounds like an interesting feature.  Just be careful about making the interface too complicated.  I like the fact that it's currently very simple, a 'no-brainer'.  Similar programs like WorkRave are a little more complex and some of the features are somewhat hard to understand (and there's no help file!).

      Also, note that there's a bug in the original v0.5 that while Firefox/IE are blocked, you can easily open them by going START > RUN and typing a URL in.  Grr... I wish I hadn't found that one out!


    • Meteo

      Meteo - 2007-04-08

      Excellent Idea, I would love to have something like that. Also, maybe you can add something that will block off sites. For example, I should only have access to my web homework and no other sites for a period of time.


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