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Trevor Nielsen

Project Admins:

This is an app I made a while ago to do simple temperature conversions. Enjoy!!

For Windows users: Make sure you have Java installed on your computer then extract the TemperatureConverter_v3.0 Windows files to your Desktop. Run the TemperatureConverter.jar file but DON'T DELETE THE SWING-1.0.4.JAR FILE!!!

For Linux users: First, make sure you have Java installed on you computer, and then download the Linux version and double click the Temperature Converter.jar file. If that doesn't work, make sure you didn't delete the swing-layout-1.0.4.jar file, and then run "chmod +x 'Temperature Converter.jar'" and "chmod +x swing-layout-1.0.4.jar" in Terminal.(without double quotes)

Contact me at ninjas28.dev@gmail.com.

The Source Code is in the Downloads Section and Requires NetBeans IDE and Java to compile and run.
I am in no way affiliated with Oracle and/or its affiliates.