#24 Synchronization problem with the terminal IO closing

I/O (4)

Hi there,

Congratulations for the great project that you have created!! :)
I used it and in the developing process of my application I found a problem with telnetd.

It is consisting in the synchronization of the TerminalIO.close() method. The methods read() and write(...) are synchronized too, and when you run the telnet daemon, and somebody connect to it, the server-side (i.e. TerminalIO object) is listening on the socket in the read method and is locked the TerminalIO object. So lately when you try to close this connection you are unable to do it, until the connected user type some symbol, then the read() method release the monitor, and close is executed.
I just removed the "synchronized" word in the specification of the method close(), and it ran without any problems.

That's all from me!

P.S. By the way I considered big part of your code. If you need people to join to this project I would like to do it :) This what have you done is very good!


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