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Just released the first Release Candidate for Tellmatic

A lot of changes and improvements.
Tellmatic is now PHP 5.3 save, and comes with a lot of new features.

Please read CHANGES for a complete and detailed list of changes.

TM needs a lot of testing now.
Its not completeely finished yet, my todo list is still growing :)

Feedbacks are welcome.

Posted by vizzy 2011-03-09

thx for testing

i removed the rc1 test release.
some users did excessive tests and gave nice feedback in irc.
i fixed several bugs.

next testing release for rc1 will be available soon.


Posted by vizzy 2010-12-13

Tellmatic test release available

an inofficial test release is available at

download is valid for a few days only, then it may disappear

have fun and thx for feedback.
if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

aka vizzy

changes, not dcumented yet in update instructions/changes file etc: rc-1

* hosts: add optional delay/pause between two mails when sending out newsletter
ALTER TABLE `hosts` ADD `delay` INT NOT NULL DEFAULT '100000' AFTER `reply_to` ;
* TM license changed to GPL/AGPL! /
* q: prepare db for touch optin option:
ALTER TABLE `nl_q` ADD `touch` TINYINT NOT NULL AFTER `autogen` ;
ALTER TABLE `nl_q` ADD INDEX ( `touch` ) ;
coming soon...
* wysiwyg: add tellmatic menu for inserting variables like {DATE} etc. with a mouseclick
* send_it: add new mail header: List-Unsubscribe: <http://......../unsubscribe.php?>
* nl: new var, {SUBJECT} replaced by subject via parse_Subject()
* nl:parse group {GROUP} (shows public group references for adr record)
* show last xx loglines, tail function! (admin only) new function mtail(), reove tellmatic_php_error.log after updating to 1090 :)
* install/main: ini get check for allow url fopen, install fails if disabled, allow_url_fopen must be activeated for tellmatic since 1090rc!!!!
* form: select smtp host, ggf fallback oder abbruch! wenn nicht existent, fallback ist standardhost! wenn smtp_host_id=0 SQL: ALTER TABLE `frm` ADD `host_id` INT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' COMMENT 'SMTP Host ID' AFTER `nl_id_update` ; * send emails for doptin, greeting, update!: - forms/sub: select nl for optin, greeting, update: nl must be active and template and personalized!
* save greeting, double optin and update message in form, displayed after new subscription with/without doptin and/or update
ALTER TABLE `frm` ADD `message_doptin` TEXT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_bin NOT NULL AFTER `nl_id_update`;
ALTER TABLE `frm` ADD `message_greeting` TEXT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_bin NOT NULL AFTER `message_doptin`;
ALTER TABLE `frm` ADD `message_update` TEXT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_bin NOT NULL AFTER `message_greeting` ;
* no more form_[id]_s/o/os needed, coinfgure valid double optin mail, greeting mai land update mai lin form!!!11!!!11eleven!elf1
UPDATE all forms first! and test it!!!
* show success, show greeting, show update and confirmation using Form_[id]_success.html
* success, update and double optin message now comes from db! as configured in the form! no more template, no more needed here for subscribe
Form_[id]_success.html is used to display form messages after subscription, doptin or confirmation!
ALTER TABLE `frm` ADD `nl_id_doptin` INT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' AFTER `multiple_pubgroup`;
ALTER TABLE `frm` ADD `nl_id_greeting` INT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' AFTER `nl_id_doptin`;
ALTER TABLE `frm` ADD `nl_id_update` INT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' AFTER `nl_id_greeting`;
* set std form, if use touch optin or no form id is defined, check and use default form.
ALTER TABLE `frm` ADD `standard` TINYINT( 1 ) NOT NULL AFTER `siteid` ;
ALTER TABLE `frm` ADD INDEX ( `standard` ) ;
* forms: install: add nl update, doptin, greeting, set std form
* Form messages parsen!!! use parse subj from newsletter class!
* proofing, db preparation, class update:
ALTER TABLE `adr` ADD INDEX ( `proof` ) ;
new qualitycheck feature coming soon!
* Disclaimer. I am NOT responsible for misuse of tellmatic by some stupid spammers. e.g. and such a shit!
* nl: parse subject! etc in send_it, subscribe, unsubscribe mit nl, etc! ueberall da wo parsenl auch benutzt wird..., new method! view.php too!
* forms/sub: pgroup, multiple or only one!
SQL: new field: multiple_pubgroup
ALTER TABLE `frm` ADD `multiple_pubgroup` TINYINT( 1 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' COMMENT 'allow multiple public groups' AFTER `overwrite_pubgroup` ;
//add backwards compatibility for existing forms:
UPDATE frm set multiple_pubgroup=1;
* Restart finished Q's with failed and skipped/canceled records. (set status 1 to nl_h where status = 4|6 failed/canceled and q_id=, set q to status 1 (new))
* PHPIDS (testing, weird stuff... seems we have to exclude almost all vars... erm, doesnt this make use of phpids almost useless?)
* disable zend1 compat mode!!! PHP 5.3!
*_list: first attempt of use the new PHP5 object model ...fix for PHP5: tmObjCopy() should return an Object Copy depending on PHP Version. done: fixed for $mStdURL, send_it.php: email_obj/message. any more?
* DEBUG: debug language/translations: DEBUG_LANG,TRUE , DEBUG_LANG_LEVEL, 1|2|3 marks words, shows list or both CHANGES
* debug messages "if (DEBUG)" use tm_debugmessage to format and display. * nl, nl subj, forms: parse tm version vars: TM_APPNAME, TM_VERSION,TM_APPDESC,TM_APPURL,TM_APPTEXT
* wysiwyg: use external toolbar
* show new link syntax with optional parameter in nl-variable legend
* nl_form: legende is now own file
* tm_lib: define TM_PHP_LOGFILE
* class_adr: now filters for form id AND adr id
* only needed now to set up messages for unsubscribe.
will be changed, messages from unsub willcome from db. still 2do
* fopen, ... allow_url_fopen:
* subcribe: wenn frm descr empty, dann nihct anzeigen
* q_list: link zu adr in gruppen bei klick auf gruppenname, adr_list&adr_grp_id
* nl_form_legende shows new link syntax with optional parameter
* logout link at top of menu
* use E_STRICT * PHP>=5.3: split is outdated! use preg_split or explode instead * q-list: now shows status more detailed, also skipped adr etc are counted
* TM_VERSION etc: are now constants, replace vars with constants! see
* adr_list: mark unsubscribed adr in different color
* *_legend: add \n to beautify html source output
* typo: corrected typo: Poruguese vs. Portuguese... read more

Posted by vizzy 2010-12-09

New release available

This release contains some nice new features like:

* Linkmanager and detailed Tracking (stats not shown yet, but data is logged in stats table)
* optional personalized Tracking
* Import Domains to Blacklist
* Find and remove duplicates in Database and clean up
* view massmai lor personalized Newsletter online

some important bugfixes and a lot of improvements.
Please read the file carefully for further details.... read more

Posted by vizzy 2010-07-13

Tellmatic took 2nd Place at TD 2009

i am very glad to announce you that Tellmatic took part in the 5th Trophees-Du-Libre free software development awards 2009.
Tellmatic was nominated to be one of the (only two) contestants in the category 'Administration' (one of the 7 total categories and 23 total projects out of ~150 or so), and finally took the 2nd place.
It was a great event, and it was a pleasure to meet all these people! congratulations to all winners (we all were winners ;-) and many thanks to the Jury, Cetril and all the other involved participants who made it possible to go there.... read more

Posted by vizzy 2009-06-23

Tellmatic bugfix release

Posted by vizzy 2009-02-02

Tellmatic v1.0.8.4 - important update

the new release contains a lot of improvements and code optimizations.

* Improved GUI
* Re-coded and improved send routine! Speed up by factor 100 :)
* Important bugfixes, all known bugs were fixed.
* Two new languages were added: Portuguese (Elizandro Baldin- Brazil) and Dutch (Rob J Wierenga - Yard-IT BV).

Update is highly recommended!

please read for a complete list.

Posted by vizzy 2009-01-31

Tellmatic update, new features and bugfixes

News features:
* unlimited attachments
* target url for forms
* export addresses from bouncemails


Users who have previously installed or updated previous releases should update as soon as possible.

Posted by vizzy 2008-10-16

Tellmatic Bugfix release

TM contains some bugfixes from previous release.
I also added plaintext part for newsletters.
Users who have rpeviously installed or updated to should update as soon as possible.

Posted by vizzy 2008-10-09

Tellmatic: 1.0.8

tellmatic is a php and mysql based newsletter script to create, manage and send personalized newsletters or mass mails. uses wysiwyg and has a form editor. adresses and newsletter are stored in unlimited groups. handle bouncemails and failed adresses

Tellmatic 1.0.8 is now ready for first release.
It includes a powerfull blacklisting feature to blacklist single emails or domains or by regular expression (you can enable/disable this feature in forms, create queue etc).... read more

Posted by vizzy 2008-10-02

Tellmatic update

Update is higly recommended :)

- Menu: add Entry to watch complete Queue
- Installation: Fix Path-"Bug"
- Send: Fixed important Bug with undefined Array in Massmailings.
- Export: Fixed Bug with Delimiter
- Filemanager: fixed wrong Path using Constants

Posted by vizzy 2008-06-24

Tellmatic update

- changed $tm_ vars for internal dirs and paths to constants.
fixed for:
- this exploit takes only effect in a very special setup:
1) register_globals is on
2) allow_url_fopen is enabled
3) .htaccess in include directory is not working
- unsubscribe, subscribe, click, view saves a memo in the address record ->addMemo(adr_id,memo)
- queue_list: added refresh link
- create new queue now shows q-list after submit instead of nl list
- session lifetime changed to 360min ^=6h
- install: check for register globals, safe_mode, magic_quotes
- status: icons for links to lists and statistics
- csv export: changed format to: email, f0-,,,,,,,-f9, id, created, author, updated, editor, aktiv, status, code, errors, clicks, views, newsletter
- set status 5:running in send_it.php just before validate email address prevent sending double mails. this happened when multiple jobs were running. now setting status 5:running just before checking email... read more

Posted by vizzy 2007-12-14


A bugfixed version is available. Contains small fixes and updated smtp sendroutine. Removed sideeffect to get a copy from each BCC mail. Update is recommended.
Thx to all the users who have reported these small 'bugs' :)

Posted by vizzy 2007-12-05

Tellmatic: 1.0.7 released, available for download

tellmatic is a php and mysql based newsletter script to create, manage and send personalized newsletters or mass mails. uses wysiwyg and has a form editor. adresses and newsletter are stored in unlimited groups. handle bouncemails and failed adresses

After doing some small bugfixes, i released the new version of Tellmatic 1.0.7 to It's available now for download.

Posted by vizzy 2007-11-30

Tellmatic 1.0.7 available

The new version is available at

In short:
Tellmatic 1.0.7 contains tons of bugfixes, optimizations, new features, massive code cleanup, important security fixes, speed and perfomance optimizations etc.

more Details:

Fixed bugs:
- send_it.php: trys to send mail even if entry is already processed, (not critical), fixed
- wysiwyg: missing file plugins/contextmenu/langs/XX.js, wysiwyg won't start if language file was missing, (not critical), fixed
- subscribe.php:
typo: $SUBSCRIBE_URL=$mnl_URL."/subscribe.php?doptin=1&email=".$email."&fid=".$frm_id."&c=".$code;
should be: $SUBSCRIBE_URL=$mnl_URL_FE."/subscribe.php?doptin=1&email=".$email."&fid=".$frm_id."&c=".$code;
, fixed
- serverinfo: used get_cfg_var, now use ini_get() instead, (not critical), fixed
- click on a newsletter name to edit does not throw a warning, now it does, (not critical), fixed... read more

Posted by vizzy 2007-11-16

Tellmatic 1.0.6 released

New release Tellmatic 1.0.6 is ready to download :) (01.08.2007 22:22h)

see changes at

a lot of minor and major features added, some changes to the UI and fixed some small bugs.

Updating is recommended, but please read UPDATE instructions first.

Have Fun :)

Posted by vizzy 2007-08-01

Tellmatic 1.0.5 released

News release 1.0.5 is ready to download :)

see changes at

now supporting windows (using xampp)

Posted by vizzy 2007-05-23

new regex for checking emails

Users of Tellmatic should update the regex in include/Functions in function checkemailadr(...)



Posted by vizzy 2007-05-22

v1.0.4.1, fixed typo in 1.0.4, please update send_it.php


another silly typing error was detected. I fixed a bug in send_it.php and created a new one.

please update send_it.php from the release. A single file can be downloaded from the files list.

Posted by vizzy 2007-03-30

Tellmatic 1.0.4

Please update old installations :) Highly recommended!

This release includes fixes for all known bugs and has been tested for several installations. No problems reported so far.

Changes: please see and project-website for details.

Happy mailing.

Posted by vizzy 2007-03-28

1.0.3-a missing file:

Sorry!!! A file called is missing in the package :( nobody is perfect.

Please download here:
and rename to

Copy the file to your include-directory and rename it to ''. Thats it!
Thanks to MidMark who didnt give up and reported the bug.

Posted by vizzy 2007-03-26

Tellmatic 1.0.3 update, prepared for internationalization

changes, new features and enhancements:
- Internationalization support via GNU gettext was added (php-gettext emulation functions - also works if gettext is not suppported by php!)
- created/translated gettext phrases (about ~570) to german and english. tellmatic is now available in german and english.
- translated quickhelp files to english. (each language now hgas its own directory depending on the selected language)
- if a user unsubscribed, and subscribes again, status is set to 'new' , otherwise status doesnt change for already registered users on update!
- Charset switched to UTF-8 for mails and webinterface! I need feedback here.
- $mnl_siteid is now a constant MNL_SITEID, defined in
- ntlm sasl client was missing in, added.
- was reweritten from Scratch, now using templates and an array for menuentries
- fixed some non critical 'bugs'

Posted by vizzy 2007-03-24

english translation package for quick-help

I translated the quick-help files for the text shown above the lists or masks in Tellmatic. Its only a poor translation. Download at

Upcoming releases will use gettext and different directories for quick-help-files.

A german sourcefile for gettext is available for translation, please contact me if you want to help translating Tellmatic in your favorite language. I can offer an english version too in a few days.

Posted by vizzy 2007-03-22

tellmatic v1.0.2 update (php5, etc)

bugs fixed:
- workaround for php5, using compatibility mode ..... no comment... see README
- all password fields are now type 'password'
- check for mem_get_usage(), if not exists, memory information is not available... only for debugging purposes

changes, new features and enhancements:
- import: select new status for new and existing addresses
- export: only export addresses with status XXX
- newsletter: new Template variable {SUBSCRIBE} and {SUBSCRIBE_URL}, linking to subscribe.php and set status 'bestaetigt' like double-optin, this is almost for use with touch-optin mails :)
(this is when you import addresses and send a initial newsletter, you can add a link to subscribe. dont add a blindimage in your initial newsletters! after a few days, export all addresses with status 'bestaetigt' and import in a new group (like moving between groups)
subscribe uses the Template tpl/Form_0_os.html to show a message after clicking)
new status for touch is 12... (till i switch to bitmasks)
- installation now checks for writeable directories.
- installation now creates the directory file/... and all subdirectories. the empty directories are no longer included in the archiv
- installation now throws a message when php5 is detected.
- installation now checks for imap_open() and thorwos a mesage if not exists
- send_it.php's logfile is now in english. the status messages are sent bilingual (de/en)
- all forms: index.php becomes $_SERVER["PHP_SELF"]
- added style 'wine', a mixture of red and grey , please try it :) , and if your a 'Master of CSS' - send me your update ;-)

Posted by vizzy 2007-03-18

tellmatic + php5

because so many users have reported problems with php5, i decided to make a fix for it.
this is a dirty hack, using compatibility mode for php5 OOP.
next release update 1.0.2 will include a workaround to get tellmatic run with php5.

upcoming main releases may be written completely in php5 or maybe we get 2 versions of it, php4 and 5, if i find a good testing area or the time to compile php5 ....... read more

Posted by vizzy 2007-03-16