Skipping intermediate releases/versions?

  • Klaws

    Klaws - 2009-02-26


    currently, Tellmatic is installed, running on PHP4. With a planned switch to PHP5, I's like to update Tellmatic to version

    The update documentation for every version (except for, where it's missing...) apprently points me to the update instructions of the previous version.

    Is it really neccessary to install all intermediate versions in order? Or is it possible to go from to directly?

    Thanks, and best regards, Klaus

    • vizzy

      vizzy - 2009-04-06

      yorry for the late answer, but this forum was not monitored :|.

      yes, unfortunately this is the only way to upgrade to a new release.
      sometimes, depends on your data etc you can export and import the addresses and reorganzie them in the new installation. But depends on your data you already have collected. statistics are not exported, so, all collected infos about your addresses and mailings are lost.

      If you upgrade, they don't get lost.
      You can combine updates and do everything in one big step, or 2 or 3 steps. start from upgrading 1074 to next version and continue until you reach current version.
      its not that hard. but its necessary to do all these steps to keep the database up2date and reorganize it a bit.
      you should update step by step and keep logged in in the frontend and check.
      Backup your installation and Database first! Check if the Backup can be restored easily. (a non -tested backup is almost worthless ;)


    • vizzy

      vizzy - 2009-04-06

      ps: you can copy all files from the latest release over your old files, you dont have to download each release!
      then just do the steps explaind in UPDATE. But this may lead into Errors when you look at the frontend and gives you less control. The frontend will work again if you reach the current release when updating database and do some smart changes at the config files ;)

      1) check current installed version
      2) backup all files and database, backup all files and database again, check restore :)
      3) download latest release
      4) extract latest release package
      5a) copy over your old installation
      5b)  make a copy of your old install directory, update the path in, check onlne and login if it works. The copy will use a new directory now but the same database as your original installation. (your database backup now becomes more important ;) Then copy new files from latest release.
      6) open latest UPDATE instructions file, look for your version and begin updating step by step. You may want to do all the SQL Updates first.

      good luck



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