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TeleKast / News: Recent posts


In this release there are several bug fixes, and optimizations. As well, there are many new features: Teleprompter Mirroring, Rich Text, Formatting, Whole-Script Preview replaces Segment Preview, Separate Teleprompter Window, User Interface Changes, Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts, and Cross-Platform: Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Posted by DC 2012-02-07 alpha

This release fixes a major bug in which the application hangs. XULRunner and jsLib have also been updated in this release.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-08-18 alpha

This release was for code cleanup.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-04-10 alpha

In this release, we changed the way TeleKast creates and uses the teleprompter files. We also did the same for printing. The printouts now include icons for the cues.

We are getting close to beta. We are running quality assurance tests to be sure we find as many bugs as we can before making beta release candidates.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-04-04 alpha

In this release, we added automatic update to the preferences. Now the user can decide if they wish to check for an update at start up or if they want to check manually from the Tools menu. Also, we updated the help system with all the recent changes to the application.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-03-27 alpha is our latest release as of 2007/03/24. We fixed and enhanced the update system. There was a bug where the update feature would look in the cache for the update.xml file. We have now disabled caching. Also, if there is a full application update, the user will be prompted to download the release from

Posted by Anonymous 2007-03-24 alpha Has Been Released

This release features a new Segment Clip engine. Now all segments in the clip are individual files. This will help in a multi-user environment. Also, when you create a new segment with the Segment Editor, you now have the choice to save to both the Script Editor and Segment Clip.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-03-22 alpha Has Been Released

This release fixed a major flaw in the Import Script feature. That feature is working now. This release also includes an automatic update feature. When updates are made to TeleKast, it will ask you if you would like to download the update. This is an exciting new feature we hope you will love.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-03-20

First Alpha Release

We are proud to announce we have upgraded from pre-alpha quality to alpha! We had to remove the Web Editor and finish some help documentation. However, the teleprompter feature is working out great. The Web Editor will make an appearance in a feature release series. We decided to focus on one major feature at a time. And for now, that is the teleprompter.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-03-13

Pre-Alpha Release 6

This release addresses some bug fixes. There were no functional changes with this release.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-03-09

Pre-Alpha Release 5

The fifth pre-alpha release. It addresses a debug alert box which appeared in release when a user attempts to export a Web document.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-03-07

Pre-Alpha Release 4

Lightscape Software has released version 4 of the pre-alpha TeleKast software. This release introduced some Web Editor enhancements.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-03-07

TeleKast Third Public Release

In this new release, many more documents have been included in the Help system. We've also changed the version numbering to include a fourth digit to indicate what release number goes with 1.0.0. So, from now on, a fourth digit will be incremented until TeleKast version 1.0.0 is production quality software.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-03-01

TeleKast Second Release

TeleKast is now it its second release. With this version, some bugs were fixed and enhancements have been made to the Web Editor and Help system.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-02-27

TeleKast First Release

TeleKast has made its first release! It is a pre-alpha release of version 1.0.0. It has a functioning teleprompter and Web document editor. Feel free to give it a try and let us know what you think! The next release will include a Kiosk editor/display of the script items. So, look for it to come out soon.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-02-24