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Created Updated Labels Priority
554 guidance on use of @calendar and @datingMethod GREEN open Martin Holmes Simona Stoyanova 2015-05-26 2015-05-29 5(default)  
530 a new ODD element for pointing at datatypes GREEN open Lou Burnard Sebastian Rahtz 2014-10-06 2015-05-29 5(default)  
527 Replace current eXist for Roma with updated version GREEN open Peter Stadler Martin Holmes 2014-09-18 2014-11-17 Roma 5(default)  
519 precision should be a member of att.datable* GREEN open Martin Holmes Frederik Elwert 2014-07-10 2015-05-25 5(default)  
518 state (or model.*StateLike) should contain precision GREEN open Peter Stadler Frederik Elwert 2014-07-10 2015-05-31 5(default)  
492 Allow bibl inside app GREEN open James Cummings Hugh A. Cayless 2014-01-16 2015-05-28 5(default)  
486 deprecating members of a content model GREEN open Syd Bauman Kevin Hawkins 2013-12-08 2015-05-30 5(default)  
480 Adding the @hand attribute to all (or most) text-containing elements GREEN open Lou Burnard Ville Marttila 2013-10-29 2015-02-27 5(default)  
453 a place for metadata that you can't fit into existing header elements GREEN open Syd Bauman Kevin Hawkins 2013-05-13 2015-05-30 5(default)  
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