#56 attribute resp as member of tei.global


In order to allow for authorship attribution on a lower
level, I propose to have the attribute resp as member
of tei.global.

Besides the revisionDesc (and versioning which works
"outside" the electronic document) there is no
possibility to attribute authorship or responsibility
for changes on element level. When merging documents
from different authors the same problem appears. The
attribute resp, as used in note, would make major
improvement on this though I see that not all problems
will be solved by this. (e.g. changes to attribute
values etc)

Alternative: implementation of a new attribute
"authority" (in analogy to the element in publicationStmt).

Maybe the datatype should be changed from text to
IDREFs as well.


  • Lou Burnard

    Lou Burnard - 2005-08-30

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    Hmm. I dont see how you could usefully use such an attribute
    globally. You couldnt for example have more than one
    structural tagging -- any other would have to be represented
    by <milestone>s which already has an ED attribute to
    indicate the responsibility.

    we have now defined a class "tei.intervention" for all
    elements (like <add> and <reg>) which represent the result
    of an editiorial intervention of some sort. This class adds
    attributes resp and cert.
    Its current members are:
    add,corr,date,del,expan,unclear,damage,restore, supplied

    If you have suggestions for others, now's a good time to
    make them!

  • Lou Burnard

    Lou Burnard - 2005-08-30
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