#357 deprecate <relationGrp>

Deprecated (2)
Syd Bauman

If a user looks at only the tagdocs, <relationGrp> and <listRelation> look identical, and user can be left very confused. True, if one reads the prose of the Guidelines one sees examples and discussion of <listRelation> and none of <relationGrp>, but it's not until one reads the source (Source/guidelines/en/ND-NamesDates.xml) until one sees the comment that explains what is going on: "we keep it here for backward compatibility".

I suggest that the tagdoc for <relationGrp> be modified so it has a health warning pointing the user to <listRelation>.


  • Laurent Romary

    Laurent Romary - 2012-04-23

    And since we have a nice category "Deprecated" on SF to record such things, I suggest someone volunteers to enter one ther. Syd?

  • Lou Burnard

    Lou Burnard - 2012-06-17
    • labels: --> Deprecated
    • status: open --> closed-accepted
  • Lou Burnard

    Lou Burnard - 2012-06-17

    Health warning added to the spec for relationGrp

  • James Cummings

    James Cummings - 2012-10-25

    Health warning has been added, but has status="deprecated" (or whatever it was we decided) been added to the elementSpec?


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