Small encoding problem

  • Gert Thielemans

    Gert Thielemans - 2009-07-30

    I'm currently encoding a city archive with death, birth, and marital certificates, I'm encoding names, dates, etc. my problem is this: I want the rendered text to be true to the original (linebreaks etc)  so I encode every line with the <l>-element, but now I've encountered a refering string which spreads across two lines, how do I encode this since the </rs>-tag can't be placed after the </l>-tag
    <l>citoyens, font comparus en la maison Commune, <name type="person"  reg="Jean Pierre Haenegraef">Jean Pierre</l>

  • Lou Burnard

    Lou Burnard - 2009-10-05

    This is not really the correct usage for the &lt;l&gt; element. which is defined as containing lines *of verse*, not typographic lines. The easiest solution to your problem is to use the empty &lt;lb/&gt; element to mark the beginning of each written line.

      &lt;lb/&gt;citoyens, font comparus en la maison Commune, &lt;name type=&quot;person&quot; reg=&quot;Jean Pierre Haenegraef&quot;&gt;Jean Pierre

    Your processing software will have to do more work but the result will be valid TEI.

    Incidentally, the @reg attribute you are using is not available in TEI P5. You might like to check out the improved facilities (@key and @ref) offered by TEI P5 to deal with problems of normalisation