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Première partie, about the TEI element eg

This was tested under Ubuntu with Saxon. It did (and still does) work with common2, xhtml2 and i18n.xml taken from SVN in state 11409 (likely 14-1-2013). It is broken with the Debian package tei-p5-xsl2 6.26. The CSS stays 6.26 in both tests.

La commande

gs \
  -o output.pdf \
  -sDEVICE=pdfwrite \
  -c "[/CropBox [15 20 395 590] /PAGES pdfmark" \
  -f input.pdf

retirera 15 points à gauche, 20 points en bas, 5 points à droite, 10 points en haut.

Dominique Meeùs. Date: 2012-07-21