#91 TEI@xml:lang


According to http://www.tei-c.org/release/doc/tei-p5-doc/en/html/ref-att.global.html , @xml:lang should always be used on the outermost element (TEI), but I have not yet found this used in any of the examples in P5. It would also be good if this strong recommendation to use @xml:lang were included in the definition of TEI: http://www.tei-c.org/release/doc/tei-p5-doc/en/html/ref-TEI.html


  • Kevin Hawkins

    Kevin Hawkins - 2009-05-10

    Actually, now that I think about it, it might be better to recommend use @xml:lang on both <teiHeader> and <body> to clarify that the metadata and document are likely to be in different languages. In this case, there would be no need to have @xml:lang on <TEI>

  • Syd Bauman

    Syd Bauman - 2009-05-12

    Kevin raises two issues:
    1) Examples do not show xml:lang= on <TEI>
    2) Guidelines should recommend xml:lang= on <teiHeader> and <body> [instead?]
    I'll address this individually.

    1) I agree wholeheartedly that this is a gross oversight, and think an xml:lang= should be added to most if not all 23 example <TEI> elements.

    2) This is a very reasonable thought for those cases where the language of the metadata is in large part different than the language of the content. However, putting xml:lang= on <TEI> is
    a) equally reasonable for those cases where the language of the metadata is in large part the same as the language of the content, and
    b) that which Council voted the Guidelines should recommend.
    c) caters to systems that look at the language of the root element to decide what to do.

    So I suggest that the Guidelines continue to recommend xml:lang= on <TEI>. However, a sentence that explicitly mentions that putting a separate xml:lang= on <teiHeader> or <body> or both is a great idea. An example, too.

  • Lou Burnard

    Lou Burnard - 2009-05-24
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  • Lou Burnard

    Lou Burnard - 2009-05-24

    Agreed that this needs better documentation and exemplification. In progress!

  • Lou Burnard

    Lou Burnard - 2009-05-28

    Added new wording and examples at rev #6389

  • Lou Burnard

    Lou Burnard - 2009-05-28
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