#594 TEI-C website menu points to wrong index page for Guidelines


The TEI-C site menu, under Guidelines / P5 Guidelines / - Table of contents, points to the right place (index.html) EXCEPT when viewing the Guidelines themselves, in which case it points to the old index-toc.html. This should be a simple fix, but I'm raising a bug so I don't forget about it.


Bugs: #594


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  • Martin Holmes

    Martin Holmes - 2013-12-12

    Nobody with shell access seems to want to fix this for the current release, so I'm leaving the ticket open so that we can check after the next release that the fix I implemented above actually works.

  • James Cummings

    James Cummings - 2013-12-12

    Martin: If you give me a bit of bash that will recurse down all the different directories and substitute index-toc.html for index.html I'll happily run it.
    (just too busy to make sure I figure it out without messing it up)

  • Martin Holmes

    Martin Holmes - 2014-01-24
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Martin Holmes

    Martin Holmes - 2014-01-24

    Confirmed fixed in 2.6.0 release.

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