#582 Need for consistency in terminology relating to TEI conformance


The phrases "TEI conformant" and "TEI conformable" appear in various places in the Guidelines, sometimes with the second word capitalized, sometimes not; in addition, the attributive version of the former, as in "a TEI-conformant document", sometimes appears with a hyphen and sometimes not. I think we should standardize on this.

Although both phrases are identified and used as technical terms (particularly in the USE chapter), I don't believe the second word should be capitalized (unless it's in a heading of some kind). I do believe the hyphen should be used when the phrases are used as attributive adjectives.


  • Lou Burnard

    Lou Burnard - 2013-06-24

    I agree that we should use "TEI-conformant" as an adjective. I also think we should abolish the term "TEI conformable" if at all possible, since it is nowhere satisfactorily defined. Everything is in principle TEI conformable!

  • Kevin Hawkins

    Kevin Hawkins - 2013-06-24

    I agree with Lou.

  • Syd Bauman

    Syd Bauman - 2013-11-12

    I agree with Lou that we should use “TEI-conformant” as an adjective. I’m not at all sure about abolishing “TEI-conformable”, though. I bet there are lots of things that are not TEi-conformable. Besides JPEGs, I’ll bet there are HL7 documents that simply can’t be transformed algorithmically and automatically to TEI.

  • James Cummings

    James Cummings - 2013-11-19
    • assigned_to: Martin Holmes
    • Group: AMBER --> GREEN
  • James Cummings

    James Cummings - 2013-11-19

    At Oxford 2013-11 face-to-face Action: MH to deal with the ticket narrowly, using a hyphen and lowercase but leaving both “conformant” and “conformable”. JC will create a ticket to reconsider the discussion of “conformable” and “conformant” in the Guidelines.

  • Martin Holmes

    Martin Holmes - 2013-11-20

    At rev 12647, I have normalized all adjectival uses to conform to:


    whether attributive or predicative. Nominal uses (TEI conformance) have been left with a space. In the process of doing this, I've become all the more convinced that the notion of "TEI conformability" is an utter nonsense; any document in the world can be algorithmically converted to valid TEI of some description. If we lose this unhelpful and confusing idea, we can delete swathes of text from the USE chapter; this would be a rare opportunity to shorten the Guidelines for a change.

  • Martin Holmes

    Martin Holmes - 2013-11-20
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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