#57 rationalise typing of att.segLike elements

Lou Burnard

The members of att.segLike (cl, c, m, phr, seg, s, w) all inherit their @type attribute from that class, rather than from att.typed. Consequently they don't behave like other typed attributes, eg they don't have a @subtype attribute (except for seg, which adds it
explicitly) This seems confusing and inconsistent. I propose to remove the @type attribute from att.segLike, remove @subtype from seg, and add all these elements to the att.typed class.(Another solution might be to make att.segLike a child of att.typed, but I prefer the more
explicit one suggested here)


  • Sebastian Rahtz

    Sebastian Rahtz - 2008-10-12

    at first sight it seems plausible, but I'd want to be reassured that
    there was not a sound reason for this originally. I think this should
    be referred back to the TEI Council for discussion. Its not urgent, after all.

  • Lou Burnard

    Lou Burnard - 2008-10-25

    All subsequent discussion on council list supports the proposal; implemented in rev 4853

  • Lou Burnard

    Lou Burnard - 2008-10-25
    • status: open --> closed

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