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In the last couple of years there have been a number of small revisions to wording of <desc> or <gloss>, and additions of new elements, which means that the translations are slightly out of sync. It is time to return to the translators and give them a (hopefully small..) list of things to check.


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  • Martin Holmes

    Martin Holmes - 2014-03-28

    The first translation project, based on a spreadsheet generated by Sebastian, is now under way as of March 2014, under Fabio's guidance. I'm now working on ways to take the resulting data in spreadsheet form an automatically merge it back into the specifications. At the moment, I think this has to be done in a three-stage process:

    1. Download the spreadsheet as ODS, and save ans FODS for simplicity's sake (only one file to deal with).

    2. Manually search-and-replace the escaped angle-brackets in the text:p nodes which contain stretches of TEI encoding in escaped form. I think this must be done manually because while in most cases, bits like this: &lt;listBibl&gt; can be converted to <tei:listBibl>, in other cases the angle brackets are mentioned rather than used: a pi (processing instruction), with delimiters &lt;? and ?&gt; is intended. My preliminary trial suggests that a global search-and-replace in Oxygen with the XPath context "text:p" of &lt;(/?) for <tei:$1 and &gt; for > will get it right in all but a dozen or so cases; a well-formedness check will then find those cases and they can be fixed manually.

    3. Run an XSLT transformation that processes the new translations into the spec files. I've done a little preliminary work on that.

  • Martin Holmes

    Martin Holmes - 2014-10-03

    This was discussed at the Council telco 2014-10-03. Elli reported that she has found someone interested in working on the Greek translation, and has a Google spreadsheet set up. Arising out of the discussion:

    • The process of creating the spreadsheet should be documented.
    • We should decide on what threshold (in terms of percentage of items translated) would justify adding a language to the existing translation set; I also think we need to specify a threshold below which a language should never be allowed to drop (in terms of the percentage of in-date translated items) so that we can identify and address translation obsolescence.
    • The projected process of re-integrating translations into the system should be described and planned (as I started to do above).
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