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#141 erroneous Roma complaint about invalid schema


When deriving a TEI customization from the TEI Lite template, Roma complains that the schema is not valid, whereas the ODD file does validate locally. It seems that the bug is triggered when the value of //tei:schemaSpec/@ident is different from "teilite".

In order to reproduce the issue, take following steps (note: tab names are between [square brackets]):
1. in select "Create customization from template" --> TEI Lite --> "Start"
2. [Schema]: note how there are no problems
3. [Save Customization], save as 'teilite.xml'
4. [Customize], change filename to 'my_teilite' --> "Save"
5. [Schema]: note how there are validity problems
6. [Save Customization], save as 'my_teilite.xml'

Note: the [Save Customization] steps are not necessary but allow for comparison of the generated ODD files. On closer inspection, this bug is triggered by the sole distinctive difference between both schema files: the value of //tei:schemaSpec/@ident. Only when it is different from "teilite", Roma erroneously complains, and prevents the generation of the schema from the ODD file. Both ODD files do validate against TEI_all, however (attached to this .

The errors seem to point at an invalid <trailer> element (which in the ODD file is perfectly legal, however):

Your schema is not valid!!
DOMDocument::relaxNGValidate() [function.DOMDocument-relaxNGValidate]: Did not expect element trailer there
DOMDocument::relaxNGValidate() [function.DOMDocument-relaxNGValidate]: Element div has extra content: trailer
DOMDocument::relaxNGValidate() [function.DOMDocument-relaxNGValidate]: Element TEI failed to validate content


  • rvdb

    rvdb - 2009-11-25
  • rvdb

    rvdb - 2009-11-25
  • Sebastian Rahtz

    Sebastian Rahtz - 2010-06-19

    this looks like an error in libxml, not validating against the schema properly.
    I cannot do much about this at the moment.

  • Sebastian Rahtz

    Sebastian Rahtz - 2010-06-19
    • status: open --> closed-wont-fix