Thanks for the feedback.  I am curious if getting the svn trunk solves your problem.  You check out the svn trunk with:
svn co teem

If you are not able to checkout and build from source, I would appreciate you putting the BMP file in question online somewhere, so that I can see if it also crashes the current loader.

The release of Teem 1.11.1 was delayed, and now when I do "unu --version" with the latest svn trunk I get "Teem version 1.11.1, Late 2013 (not yet released)".

The release is hinging on fixing some test errors on the dashboard:


On Oct 18, 2013, at 8:22 AM, markus israelsson wrote:

Hello teem-users,
My name is Markus and I work with a library which uses teem. We recently upgraded to teem 1.10.0 but after investigating a crash in which nrrdLoad crashes when trying to load header information for a file, the file is a bmp and should not be loaded but the crash annoyed me so I started to look for bug reports about this. Then I realized that teem 1.11 is probably released as stated here:
I will test upgrading to 1.11 and see if it solves the issue we are having. However it might be good if the news to the right of
was updated to indicate the latest release.
let me know if I am completely wrong about teem being of version 1.11.
Best regards,
Markus @ SenseGraphics
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