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Teamwork 4 available

Teamwork 4.0 includes so may new features that it is not easy to summarize it in few words. Main features are workflow integration with jBoss'JBPM, subversion support (SVN), LDAP integration, Twitter integration, iCalendar (Outlook/iCal). Many pages are now full AJAXed using jQuery. New amazing UI, and better performance. Download it here:

Posted by pietro polsinelli 2009-02-03

Teamwork: 3.2.9 available

Teamwork is an integrated, web based work management solution built purely in java on the hibernate persistence layer. It integrates project, time and worklog management in an ergonomic interface. Import/export from MS-Project and Outlook/Icalendar synch

For this release, we worked on compatibility of our LDAP module with LDAP 1.0 (we had 2.0 compatibility), where the "ldap security principal" is interpreted completely differently by the two standards.... read more

Posted by Roberto Bicchierai 2008-10-23

Teamwork 3.2.4 released

Here on Sourceforge you find pertsistent class sources. News of the relase at

Posted by pietro polsinelli 2008-03-19

Teamwork 3.2.2 build 2562

Teamwork 3.2.2 build 2562 generally available.

This has some minor fixes and improvements:


- Osx: improved script for start/stop, which make installation even easier
- Linux: improved manual launch script and logging system

Area: added button add role of this area.

Task: links to subtasks in subtasks assignment tab points to assignments tab.
Task: removed fake additional fields... read more

Posted by Roberto Bicchierai 2008-01-22

Teamwork 3.2.1 released

This release contains in particular an expanded agenda, with meeting and discussion points management. New sections, features, bugs fixed can be found at in the "What's new in Teamwork 3.2.1" PDF.

Posted by Roberto Bicchierai 2007-10-02

Teamwork 3.2.0 released

This release is a major one as it contains several new sections, most notably for users Outlook/ICalendar synchronization and RSS integration, injectable wizards/print/forms and additional task fields for developers/integrators. New sections, features, bugs fixed and a developers' dedicated section can be found at

in the "What's new in Teamwork 3.2.0" PDF.... read more

Posted by Roberto Bicchierai 2007-06-26

Teamwork wins the 2007 Jolt Productivity Award

We got the 2007 Jolt Productivity Award for the Project Management category!!!<br><br>The Jolt winners were announced at <a href="">SD West</a>, in Santa Clara (CA), and we were there: it was a nice evening, the prizes were presented by Craig Newmark of <a href="">Craigslist</a>.<br><br>It is the first time that an Italian software product gets a Jolt. For Teamwork, it is a recognition of the quality of the work done, which will stimulate us in producing still better releases.<br><br>See all the winners:<br><br><a href="" target="_blank" mce_href=""></a>

Posted by Roberto Bicchierai 2007-03-27

Tamwork free online service

It's now on line the new Teamwork on line service: by registering at

you can start immediately using Teamwork online for free; it is not a demo account, but a real online service. This way you don't have to setup, upgrade, backup etc. .

Of course the installation in you intranet maintains some advantages, for system integration and customization.... read more

Posted by pietro polsinelli 2007-03-14

Teamwork 2007 Jolt Award Finalist

Teamwork is a Jolt 2007 Excellence Awards finalist:
The winners will be announced at SD West 2007, on March 21, Wednesday, 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM.

Posted by pietro polsinelli 2007-01-18

Teamwork 3.1.2 released

A lot of systemic improvement: tested with JDK 6 and upgraded to Hibernate 3.2 (fixes occasional memory leak in some Linux distrib.),
replaced Proxool connection pool with C3P0 (mandatory for SQL Server users).
Some bugfixes as: upgrade error on PostgreSQL, export-import to-from Project exception, a security hole in worklog analysis, etc.
Some new features as: HTTP authentication support,
Some new features as: HTTP authentication support, new status combos etc.
A detailed list of changes at

Posted by pietro polsinelli 2007-01-18

Sources of 3.1.1. released

These are updated sources of persistent classes for version 3.1.1.

Posted by pietro polsinelli 2006-12-22

Teamwork 3.1.1 available

This is a bug fix release.
New features, mostly along the more comfort line:
1) Board list filter has now a linear logic
2) My tasks gives more useful information
3) For projects set in time interval which does not include today, default focus of Gantt graph is on the center of the task interval
4) Additional costs are computed with two decimals (asked by Stefano Besseghini)
5) Extended System check with all system properties
6) Installer: now the update procedure does never overwrite and
7) Task search searches also in notes
8) Menu entry to move from Gantt back to editor... read more

Posted by pietro polsinelli 2006-12-11

Teamwork 3.1.0 available

In this major release we added several major new functionalities: e.g. project duration in working days, Microsoft Project import/export, worklog analysis, a Scrum module. Several improvements are due to user feedback.

Actually this release has so many new functions, features and fixes that we published on Teamwork's web site a document with 3.1.0 features and screenshots (PDF, 926 KB): ... read more

Posted by pietro polsinelli 2006-11-27

Sources of 3.1.0 Login action available

Here are the sources of LoginAction and AccessControlFilter that can be customized in order to integrate with your own authentication system.

Posted by pietro polsinelli 2006-11-07

New Teamwork's site on-line!

A new, more communicative web site is on line.
It includes seven new sections covering features, new videos and mutch more.

Posted by Roberto Bicchierai 2006-10-31

Teamwork@OOP 2007

We will be exhibitors and speakers at the next OOP 2007 conference in Munich, Germany, on January 22- 26, 2007. See for details.
Come talk to us!

Posted by Roberto Bicchierai 2006-10-18

Sources of 3.0.8 released

These are updated sources for version 3.0.8, compatible also with released version 3.0.7.

Posted by pietro polsinelli 2006-09-28

Teamwork 3.0.7

The SCRUM component has been released with: root wizards, sprint wiward and instructional video for using SCRUM methodology with Teamwork. The task multi-edit enhanced, [YESTERDAY, TODAY, TOMORROW] can be used on date fields, better handling of security exceptions, assignment list ordered by role, skin improved on links, better summary bars. Some technical improvement for job launch cluster synchronization, improved schema generation and send feedback. Some bug fixed: role deletion bug, document show children,logout at times lost skin, task progress on worklog, people selector size

Posted by Roberto Bicchierai 2006-09-13

Teamwork 3.0.6

- number of assignments always visible in task editor (Pietro Polsinelli)
- better layout worklog week (Pietro Polsinelli)
- better layout task diary (Pietro Polsinelli)
- gives active feedback in the editors if documents, file storages or mail are not configured (reported by Scott Cordwell) (Pietro Polsinelli)
- notification of assigs created by edit-as-gantt (requested by William Ho) (Pietro Polsinelli)
- area manager can edit security of all objects in area (Roberto Bicchierai, Pietro Polsinelli)
- now global default locale (set in tools -> settings -> global setting in
SELECT_LANG) is used in currency settings (Roberto Bicchierai, Pietro
- task editor shows content size of most tabs (Roberto Bicchierai, Pietro Polsinelli)... read more

Posted by Roberto Bicchierai 2006-08-23

JAOO Conference

We will be exhibitors and speakers at the next JAOO conference in Aarhus, Denmark, on October 3-6, 2006.

for details. Come talk to us!

Posted by Roberto Bicchierai 2006-08-23

Teamwork in London

Teamwork will be presented in London on September 19-20, 2006 at the Project Challenge expo: see the details at
We will be at stand 75. Hope to see you there

Posted by pietro polsinelli 2006-08-21

Teamwork 3.0.1

Release 3.0.1

- updated install docs (Pietro Polsinelli)
- added French to internationalizations (Caterina Feroci)
- improved several videos: simple and advanced install 01-02, agenda 01 (Pietro Polsinelli)
- published new videos: assigning and working 01, portal advanced configuration, publishing news,
custom forms, customizing labels (Pietro Polsinelli, Roberto Bicchierai)
- if on the browser you print the page, the web interface will be optimized for printing (Roberto Bicchierai, Ilaria Di Gaeta)
- added 'ajax' features to todo list, news and other pages... read more

Posted by Roberto Bicchierai 2006-06-20

Teamwork 3.0 final

New features as synch of dates from dependencies and autosynch values, reminders. Fixed severe bug in job scheduling; upgrade from RC1-2 is strongly advised. Bug fix on: schedule and job engines, events disappearing from agenda, schedule monthly weekly recurrences, security on portlet projects summary, operator roles duplicated, task with no schedule invisible in list, no feedback of worklog save.

Posted by Roberto Bicchierai 2006-06-07

Teamwork 3.0 - training

Teamwork 3.0 trainig videos are available at

Posted by Roberto Bicchierai 2006-05-26

Teamwork 3.0 sources

Teamwork 3.0 persistent classes source its available with latest JBlooming version.

Posted by Roberto Bicchierai 2006-05-24