Tdo 2.0.50727.32 released.

Build History - 2.0.50727.32
- Added string ITdoColumn.ColumnNameForDataTable readonly property to gel column name without starting '[' and ending ']' characters.
- Fix on TdoCodeGenerator (TdoProject dialog). Namespace and Project Name automatically change only if a new project (not saved).
(Thanks to fpdave:\)
- Rollback for feature "delayed connection closing" because causing "There is already an open DataReader associated with this Command which must be closed first" error.
(Thanks to Nobody:\)
- Workaround implemented to support SP Xml output parameters as described at:
(Thanks to Micha:\)
- Bug fix in TdoTableBase.Insert() method (missing [ ] around columnName.
(Thanks to Nobody:\)

Posted by Andrea Ferendeles 2007-11-15

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