Jordan - 2008-01-12

I really like your program and find it better than Tivo Transfer (part of TivoToGo on the Mac by Roxio) b/c you automatically convert the .tivo file to .mpg2.  I also use Galleon and it too downloads to a .tivo file.

The main feature you are missing is the ability to setup rules like what Tivo Transfer and Galleon do.  Tivo transfer has a simple "create auto transfer" for shows based on title.  If I have a seasons pass for a particular show, Tivo Transfers will automatically download that to my Mac each time it is recorded on my Tivo.  The problem is it's in .tivo format and you can solve this issue!

Once it's in a .mpg format, I can then use my UPnP media server to stream this to my media receiver (PS3, Netgear, etc).

Do you think you can add this feature quickly?