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Time Domain Correlator for the Cell BE / News: Recent posts

New tool - old ones removed

Added the radioreader that reads data from an antenna. Removed the mex2ppc and ppc2mex tools as they are no longer needed (the tdc now reads scalar data and the datamaker can make reverse endian data)

Posted by Martin Wåger 2008-04-29

More tools

I have added some tools that allows data to be created in Matlab and converted to a fromat that the tdc can use

There is also tools that take the result, converts it and then allows Matlab to load it back

A instruction of use can be found under the documentation tab

Posted by Martin Wåger 2008-02-13


The code is now in the subversion repository (moved from the CVS).

Posted by Martin Wåger 2008-02-13