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Vern Baker
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  • CarlosReyes

    CarlosReyes - 2013-05-30

    thanks for the support and the effort that this project does not die
    my congratulations.
    I want to tell've done testing on DELPHI XE2 and going great
    but want to filter and the field is not filter chain is not whether you have failed to prove this.

    thanks in advance for your help

    my English is not so good sorry my mistakes

  • LS Ploeger

    LS Ploeger - 2013-05-31

    Indeed, there is a bug for string filters. Below, the check on Param^.Args[1] was missing in dbf_prsdef (the lines containing the comment starting with "// lsp" were added):

    procedure _StringVariable(Param: PExpressionRec);
      length: integer;
      if Assigned(Param^.Args[1]) then // lsp, not set for ExprRec^.ExprWord.FixedLen<0!!!!
        length := PInteger(Param^.Args[1])^
        length := -1;
      if length = -1 then
        length := StrLen(PPAnsiChar(Param^.Args[0])^); // Was PPChar
      Param^.Res.Append(PPAnsiChar(Param^.Args[0])^, length); // Was PPChar

    Furthermore, the management of TStringFieldVar.RawStringField was incorrect. To force that FFieldVal has a value assigned I modified dbf_parser.pas for TDbfParser.HandleUnknownVariable:

            TempFieldVar := TStringFieldVar.Create(FieldInfo, TDbfFile(FDbfFile));
            TempFieldVar.FExprWord := DefineStringVariable(VarName, TempFieldVar.FieldVal);
            TStringFieldVar(TempFieldVar).FRawStringField := not FRawStringFields; // lsp, force update !!!
            TStringFieldVar(TempFieldVar).RawStringField := FRawStringFields;

    I hope this helps.

  • eSzeL

    eSzeL - 2013-09-23

    I'd like to ask where can I find the latest version, maybe fully compatible with XE2 containing all the patches?


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