#165 CSS Margin + Padding


I saw the closed feature request for CSS Margins / Paddings.
Do you know when this feature will be released?
We would like to 'buy you a beer' ;-) to speed up the implementation.

kind regards



  • Nicola Asuni

    Nicola Asuni - 2010-10-07

    CSS margin and padding are now parsed and the Cell/Multicell methods are ready but is still missing the implementation on WriteHTML().

  • Nicola Asuni

    Nicola Asuni - 2010-10-27

    On TCPDF 5.9.010 the CSS padding and border-spacing support for tables were added.

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    Anonymous - 2012-04-10

    I'd like to raise a hand for this feature request :-)

    When generating a pdf from a database source containing html code (

        ...) It'll be of great help if I could change the padding (top, left, right, bottom) for at least

            via the style like described in example06.
            Especially when having a short text in

            and a list below in
              which belongs to the

              text the vertical distance between both is too high.
              Therefore I'd like to reduce the "padding-bottom" from the

              tag in order to having a layout that resembles more a book text than an hml page.

              I'd be very happy if you could have a look into that.
              I was searching the web for a solution but couldn't find a workaround.

              Like the ones that opened the feature request I am very much willing to support you i.e. with another donation

              why can just anyone change this?

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