Page break with multiline table cell

  • Anonymous - 2010-09-30

    I'm a problem with a cell table that contains text that need to be wordwrapped
    into more lines, but when the page is breaked, the cell il splitted into a new
    page with confused (repeated) header.
    This is the result:

    The bottom line of the breaked table does't close the table.

    Sorry for my bad english,
    thank you in advance,
    Carlo P.

  • Nicola Asuni

    Nicola Asuni - 2010-10-01

    Be sure you are using the latest TCPDF version and check the default examples
    for more information on how to correctly use the table headers.

  • Anonymous - 2010-10-10

    I think that table definition is correct and written like your examples but
    the error still comes out.
    This strange behaviour occur when the cell contain more text (with
    also) that need to be splitted in the next page (as you can see in the image
    posted before).
    How can I solve this strange problem?
    Thank you in advance,
    Carlo P.

  • Nicola Asuni

    Nicola Asuni - 2010-10-11

    I've personally built dozens of tables like this that works without a problem.
    Probably your HTML code contains some errors.
    For example, the "
    " tag must be "

  • Roman

    Roman - 2012-05-11

    Did you manage to solve this problem? I have it all the time, and my table
    cells do not exceed one line. What might be the problem?

  • Daniel

    Daniel - 2014-07-22

    Is it possible to prevent splitting a multiline-cell?
    So the new cell is completely written to the next page instead of splitting?
    Edit: Ok found the nobr="true" attribute on table and tr. But when I put in on tr it doesn't look quite good. the cell-border is splitted anyway but the text stays on the next page.

    Last edit: Daniel 2014-07-22
  • Daniel

    Daniel - 2014-07-22

    This happens when nobr="true" is on tr. It is at then end of one table. I think it tries to prevent splitting the line but it wouldn't be split anyway. (On the next page a new table starts)


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