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winsend 1.0 released

Released version 1.0 of the winsend package.
This version fixes the slow registration bug that occurs under Win98 and makes the registration prefix the same as used in the tcl 8.5 TIP 150 implementation.
Updated the build system to TEA 3.
Winsend 1.0 is compatible with Tcl 8.2 and better.

Posted by Pat Thoyts 2004-06-17

TclSOAP 1.6.7 Released

This is a bugfix release. It clears up a number or minor bugs and adds two new sample files for accessing the Google and Babelfish SOAP interfaces.

Posted by Pat Thoyts 2003-09-07

Random 1.0.0 released

The RandMT package is replaced with the Random package which provides additional PRNG's.

mt_rand() is based upon the Mersenne Twister PRNG algorithm ([1], [2]). This PRNG has an enormous period (in fact it is 2**19937-1 which is a Mersenne Prime, hence the name). It is also suposedly faster than the standard C library rand() function. Furthermore, while the stock Tcl rand function generates numbers in the range (0,1) - randmt produces numbers in the range [0,1]. If required, it can also produce values within (0,1) as well as integer values (any 32bit value) - we would just need some names for these functions.... read more

Posted by Pat Thoyts 2003-04-14

RandMT-0.1 released

This provides an alternative random number generator for Tcl that is based upon the Mersenne Twister pseudo-random number generator algorithm.

Posted by Pat Thoyts 2003-04-03

winsend 0.6 released

The project has been restructured as a TEA2 package and the build tested with Microsoft Visual C++ 6 and Msys + Mingw.

A prebuilt binary is available built with MS VC++.

Posted by Pat Thoyts 2003-03-01

TclSOAP 1.6.6 release

** Fixed XMLRPC calling
Missing upvar in the xmlrpc caller.

** Remove tdom require.
Until the tdom shim is written this shouldn't be loaded.

** Applied OSX build patch to
Use the DESTDIR environment variable in install-libraries.

** Fixed the float recognition range
The float range is calculated as powers of 2 not 10.

** Fixed avoidance of non-method child elements in SOAP-CGI.
If the client sends data as href'd elements - we shouldn't treat
these and method call elements.

Posted by Pat Thoyts 2003-01-26

winsend 0.5 released

This version now handles passing the error information back to the calling interpreter.

Posted by Pat Thoyts 2002-12-09

TclSOAP-1.6.5 release

I have released version 1.6.5 of TclSOAP. This release consolidates a number of bug fixes and minor enhancements. See the Changes file for the details.

Posted by Pat Thoyts 2002-09-23

winsend code now in CVS

The code for the 'winsend' extension has now been placed in the tclsoap CVS respository as the 'winsend' module. See for more information about this extension.

Posted by Pat Thoyts 2002-09-12

Errata for TclSOAP 1.6.4

I forgot to increment the version of the package in the autoconf files and I've forgotten to add SOAP-domain.tcl to the and pkgIndex.tcl files.

These issues are fixed in the CVS head now.

Posted by Pat Thoyts 2002-02-28

Announcing TclSOAP-1.6.1

This release includes minor features and a number of bug fixes. In
particular, the package support the dom::c module from TclDOM to
improve SOAP performance and support for SOAP Header elements is now
included. See the file CHANGES for a complete list.

Posted by Pat Thoyts 2001-10-08

Announcing TclSOAP 1.6

Announcing TclSOAP 1.6

The focus on recent development has been on SOAP interoperability and
trying to reach full SOAP 1.1 compliance. In support of this there are
a number of user visible changes to the structure and layout of the
package. In particular, if you have been using the SOAP::Domain code
to implement SOAP services via tclhttpd, this is now replaced by code
in the SOAP::CGI package.... read more

Posted by Pat Thoyts 2001-08-08

HTTP Transport patch for 1.5

I left a couple of errors in after revising the transport subsystem. If you have to configure a proxy host for the HTTP transport you will need to apply the 1.5.1 patch to fix it.

Posted by Pat Thoyts 2001-06-21

TclSOAP-1.5 Released

This release adds a -command configuration option to support asynchronous method calls.

Posted by Pat Thoyts 2001-06-21

TclSOAP-1.4 Released

See the file packages section of the TclSOAP project page for the details. 1.4 supports both SOAP and XML-RPC.

Posted by Pat Thoyts 2001-06-15

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