Inst. of tcllibx-x affects existing tcllib?

  • Rishik Dhar

    Rishik Dhar - 2003-03-31

    I would like to know that if I install tcllib-1.3, will it affect my currently existing tcllib struture.
    I mean will it affect the tcllib and the files within anyhow. I don't want that to happen actually and still install the latest tcllib.
    According to me this tcllibx.x is an extentions and in principles the extentions are not supposed to fiddle with the existing structure.
    Am i thinking right? And if yes then can I proceed with installing this version fearlessly.Kindly comment urgently.

    Best Regards.

    • Andreas Kupries

      Andreas Kupries - 2003-04-02

      It is not clear how you plan to install tcllib 1.3. Do you plan to copy the new tcllib over the old directory structure ? This would essentially replace all the existing packages in tcllib with new versions.  If you install tcllib 1.3 in a directory beside the exiting tcllib then any tclsh/wish will look in both directories for a package and then choose the highest numbered. For changed packages this will come from tcllib 1.3. for packages which did not change it may come from the old direcotry, or the new.

      Note: If you use the install methods in the source distribution a directory tcllib1.3 will be created, and that should be different from the tcllib directory you already have. That is the reason we use a versioned directory name.

      Note II: It is always a good idea to backup possibly affected data before doing a big install, even if one is sure that it cannot be affected.


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