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This is a major release update. Changes:

1. Temperature control has changed. A single set of temperatures
are now used, and the fan control is independent of AC/Battery

2. ALSA amixer is now used instead of the depreciated OSS amixer.

3. The microphone muting functions have been removed, since these
are now handled by the destop user interface "volume control".

4. Various logging improvements have been made.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2006-12-02


This is a major release update. Changes:

1. When running on battery or with lid closed, automatically
adjust power savings by spinning down the hard drive quickly,
reducing LCD brightness (turning it off if the lid is closed),
raising the fan fan thresholds (to keep the fan off longer),
keeping the CPU at low speed (requires cpuspeed daemon).

2. Since power control is now automatic, remove the Fn-F2 power
control.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2005-09-06


This is a major release update. Changes:

1. If using the experimental Toshiba ACPI driver from here:

You can use the tbacklight utility to allow powering off
the display LCD. The tbacklight utility can be as part of the
toshutils package available for many distributions, or from:

To specify that you want to use the tbacklight utility, add the
following to the configuration file (for example):... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2005-04-13


This release has three updates in response to problems reported by

1. The brightness is now being set in the polling loop, for machines
that revert to their "normal" brightness after a few seconds (as the
fan does, when set to high). This will insure that the LCD brightness
(fn-F6, fn-F7) renains as the user set it.

2. Different distributions place the xscreensaver-command in different
locations. The script will now check in these three directories for
the command:... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2004-05-19


Minor update to correct a bug in the CD player functions. See the news for tclkeymon-0.40 for the significant changes.

Posted by Anonymous 2003-12-21


Some pretty significant changes in this release.

Based on feedback, I invoke wish and load expect dynamically, instead of
running expectk. The reason for this is that some distributions don't provide
a binary for expectk, but do provide both expect and tk (SuSE, Debian?).

I no longer start and stop the pcmcia service when switching between the
Ethernet (eth0) and wireless (wlan0). Instead, I ifup/ifdown the interfaces
as appropriate. This is faster (preventing connection drops), and allows
monitoring the signal strength of the wireless even when it's not active.
That way, you will know that you have a good signal before switching to the
wireless connection, instead of switching, losing connections, and having to
switch back.... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2003-12-21


In this release, I've added little pop-up windows, to verify some of the non-obvious changes (brightness, fan, network). The pop-up window stays until you release the Fn key, so you can read it. This change requires expectk, which is included with most distributions (but may not be installed by default).

For example, on Fedora Core 1 (the release I use), the release is:

$ rpm -q expectk
expectk-5.39.0-93... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2003-11-16


Release 0.30 of the tclkeymon software (to monitor the keys and buttons on a Toshiba laptop) is now available. Changes since the last release:

# 0.30 Beta test distribution
# 0.29 Try to handle lack of ACPI functions gracefully
# 0.28 Add separate Changelog, README and INSTALL documents
# 0.27 Toggle CPU performance P1/P0 when the fan is off/on respectively
# 0.26 Use standard location for mozilla (/usr/bin/mozilla)
# 0.25 Insert brief delay when toggling wired/wireless

Posted by Anonymous 2003-11-11


Added fan control (via Fn-F2 key combination), and auto-deactivation of the screensaver when the lid is opened.

Posted by Anonymous 2003-09-23

Initial Release

I've uploaded the initial (0.22) release of tclkeymon, to obtain feedback from interested parties. As this is my first open source release, I'm learning the processes as I go. Be gentle. :-)

Posted by Anonymous 2003-09-15