#35 TJC/Janino build problems, Java 1.5/Mac OS X

Neil Madden

Building TJC (as part of the Jacl build) aborts with 4
"Semantic Errors" on Mac OS X using Java 1.5. The
problems seem to be with Janino (or with an
over-sensitive compiler):

Found 4 semantic errors and issued 3 warnings compiling

800. Offset startPC,
*** Semantic Error: The static type
must use a qualified name to access the non-static
member type "org.codehaus.janino.CodeContext$Offset" of
the enclosing type "org.codehaus.janino.CodeContext".

The other three errors are duplications of this one,
for mentions of "Offset" on lines 801, 802, and 810.

Changing these mentions from Offset to
CodeContext.Offset allows the build to run to completion.


  • Neil Madden

    Neil Madden - 2006-06-04
    • assigned_to: nobody --> mdejong
  • Mo DeJong

    Mo DeJong - 2006-07-18

    Logged In: YES

    I just imported Janino 2.4.5 into the CVS. It compiles
    with the Sun JDK 1.5 version of javac. Please give it
    a shot with your compiler and let me know if the error
    has gone away.

  • Neil Madden

    Neil Madden - 2006-07-19

    Logged In: YES

    Yes - that seems to have fixed things. No more
    warnings/errors from my compiler (Apple 1.5 JDK).

  • Mo DeJong

    Mo DeJong - 2006-07-20
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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