java version of TCLAP?

  • Andrew Peter Marlow

    I wonder, how likely/possible is it to have a java version of TCLAP. I really like using TCLAP for command line parsing in C++ but when I come to java I find there is nothing that is as good.

    Most java apps do not seem to need command line parsing so it has received little attention from the java community. There is the CLI product in apache but version 1 is very primitive and is no longer under active development. The apache CLI web page also says that version 2 will probably never be released. This tells me that for people that want GNU-style command line arg handling something else is needed.


    Andrew Marlow

    • Daniel Aarno

      Daniel Aarno - 2008-10-26

      Possible, yes. Likely no. There is nothing that prevents doing something very similar to TCLAP in Java. However, none of the current developers have time/plans for such a thing. If you are able to rally people interested in developing such a thing, or even get going yourself, there is nothing that prevents that. We can of course be of assistance with technical discussions and so forth, but don't expect any active development from the current TCLAP team.

    • Andrew Peter Marlow

      Thanks for the reply. I do not know how much time I can spare for this but I am very tempted to have a go. If I did, would the TCLAP developers consider accepting it as an addition to TCLAP? I don't mind if the answer is "no". That would mean me creating a new project in sourceforge (JCLAP?) where I would mention that it was inspired by the C++ TCLAP.

    • Andrew Peter Marlow

      Actually, after a bit of research I think maybe a java version is not needed. I already found one called jopt at AFAIK there is nothing like jopt for C++ so I will still use TCLAP for C++. jopt handles both getopt and the longer GNU form so this should be just the job, certainly much better than the aborted efforts in apache.


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