It seems that we only wait for Kevin Kenny TDBC mid-term evaluation (who procrastinated due to missing access to produced source code). But Kevin promised to do it soon.

I have received confirmation from other mentors that they've already filled in the evaluation survey. As I have forgotten to ask if students received positive evaluation, (???) denotes the situation I have no explicit confirmation (but I am almost sure that all (???) denotes positive evalution = pass). So if Kevin will positively evaluate Slawek, probably all our student will receive mid-term payment.






Michael Aram

SCORM Compliant Content Packaging for Wiki-based Content Development

Gustaf Neumann

Sławomir Cygan

TDBC Driver Development

Kevin Kenny


Daniel Kloeck

Regexp engine cleanup

Jeff Hobbs


Krzysztof Blicharski

Tcl/Tk Printing Support

Clif Flynt


Alexandros Stergiakis

Improve GIS support in Tcl.

Steve Huntley


Łukasz Miądowicz

Image Handling Enhancement

Youness Alaoui


Radoslaw Szulgo

Jacl modernization

Tom Poindexter


Michał Antoniewski

Graph Manipulations

Andreas Kupries


Paraskevi Nikolaidou

HTTP/1.1 support and Chameleon & Native look for Tk widgets

Pat Thoyts

But IMHO public availability of mid-term results are rather disappointing. At least please update the pages at wiki.tcl.tk with easy to follow instruction how to find your work results and then send to tcl-gosc only a link to it.

I don't really know how to convince you to switch from your private mentor-students e-mails to using tcl-gsoc mailing list. PLEASE DO SO to discuss your projects unless you use other better suited mailing list.

It will allow for what you've learned from mentors not to be buried in your private mailboxes but rather be available to the community.

Don't other mentors share the same opinion with me? If so please force a change to mentored students or point us to appropriate mailing list (ex. Andreas have already notified us that Graphs are discussed at SF Tcllib-devel and are available from Tcllib CVS). I also know that some of you use Tcl Chat which is great as it is also archived. 

Not only as GSoC admin, but also as heavy Tcl user I would like to gain insight into what is being discussed during your projects.

Tomasz Kosiak