Yesterday I've sent a private e-mail to Matthew Burke (our last year organization admin), but haven't received any answer yet.

I'm willing to devote the same amount of time and energy to this year GSoC as last year.

To be successful this year I think we have to:

1. rewrite our application to show we've learnt something from last year

2. ask who can mentor a student this year and encourage people to
write down their ideas (preferably assigning mentors to ideas)

3. ask our community to promote Tcl amoung students at the universities worldwide so we will receive *some* student applications which is deciding factor how many slots we will finally have.

This year I can reach 3 CS universities in Poland as I'm involved in organizing on March 11th and 12th a lecture by D. Richard Hipp (SQLite author, Tcl Core Team emeritus member) and he promised to advertise a Tcl GSoC 2009 during those lectures.

Tomasz Kosiak

On Thu, Mar 5, 2009 at 10:36 PM, Andreas Kupries <> wrote:
Andreas Kupries wrote:
> Clif Flynt wrote:
>> Hi,
>>   I've exchanged some e-mail with Kryzstof, who worked with
>> me last year, and Joe English about seeing if we can put the kind
>> of introspection into the TTK widgets that normal Tk widgets support.
>>   I've jumped through all the hoops with Google, and should see the
>> money from last year's efforts showing up in the next bank statement.
>>   Do we have the wiki and/or whatever infrastructure for managing the
>> proposals set up?  Would someone remind me where it is if I've been too
>> lost in the weeds to notice?

That is an interesting flyer.

Wonder if we should do a similar one ?


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