2012/8/9 Jeff Hobbs <jeffh@activestate.com>
Understood.  We would do the merge based on the assumption that only tk/macosx/* should change.  Any changes in other directories will be reviewed with extreme prejudice.

It can have a review branch as well for others prior to final merge.

Thanks! I already looked at some harmless differences, put them
in core-8-5-branch.

So, let's do some experiment (see jn-cocoa-full-merge-8.5 branch).
It is constructed from core-8-5-branch, but all generic/tk*.decls and
macosx/* files are simply copied from the tk-cocoa-8-5-backport
branch, and "make genstubs" run. Files removed from
tk-cocoa-8-5-backport are removed here as well. The changes
in the *.decls files are only in the macosx functions (I verified that!),
so harmless for other platforms.

Therefore the jn-cocoa-full-merge-8.5 branch is guaranteed
to build on other platforms (unix/windows/...), no-one will
have any objection merging this to core-8-5-branch (and
then merge-mark to tk-cocoa-8-5-backport and trunk,
because everything is in there already). The cocoa build
is probably broken, but who cares because it's not
broken in tk-cocoa-8-5-backport. Then, let's look at the
differences between jn-cocoa-full-merge and
tk-cocoa-8-5-backport. It's only in 5 files:
Files ../tk8.5/unix/configure and ./unix/configure differ
Files ../tk8.5/unix/configure.in and ./unix/configure.in differ
Files ../tk8.5/unix/Makefile.in and ./unix/Makefile.in differ
Files ../tk8.5/unix/tcl.m4 and ./unix/tcl.m4 differ
Files ../tk8.5/xlib/xgc.c and ./xlib/xgc.c differ

So, those are the only differences left need to be considered

I think this is the fasted way to get things done. It is
better to do things on core-8-5-branch as much as
possible, simply because then we don't have to
ask people to look at other branches. Now is
a good moment to do that: vacation time with
little activity, just after the 8.5.12 release, so
plenty of time for testing until 8.5.13.

How does that sound?

           Jan Nijtmans