On Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 11:25 AM, Harald Oehlmann <harald.oehlmann@elmicron.de> wrote:
So thats what this piece of text tries to express:
"I/O primitives advance the state machine by one step".

OK. Now you have clarified the issue with blocking/nonblocking I/O, I suggest to rephrase it this way:


In eventloop mode, the state machine of a (possibly multiple-address) async connection proceeds within an internal callback."

In non-eventloop mode, it proceeds whenever a channel operation is attempted on the socket:

      - nonblocking I/O and [fconfigure] will advance it by one step (i.e. do whatever is doable without waiting)

      - blocking I/O will advance it to completion, in essence meaning "switch back to synchronous connect, and in case of success, do the blocking I/O I asked for"


Reactions ?