Welcome to Tcl/Tk association:) It's great to see you in GSoC and even more - to see you in Tcl/Tk GSoC. We are Ania and Kris - past years Tcl/Tk GSoC students and this year's so-called backup mentors. If you have questions that you are not sure you can ask a mentor or you would have problems with communication (little probably:P), feel free to write to us.

You surely have seen Tcl links compendium on:

Additionally, together with the mentors, we have written out a few tips for Tcl GSoC students:

1. It is really helpful to not only acquire information through mails with mentor but also:
* use Skype and other more different from mails interactive communicators. This is helpful in overall contact with mentor
* use tcl-gsoc mailing list to consult project's functionalities present achievements (it's even recommended)

2. Don't hesitate to explicitly ask not only a mentor but also on the tcl-gsoc mailing list for a code review.

3. It is mobilizing to regularly (e.g. once a week) write out the work summary and next week goals.

Have fun and prolific work!

Krzysiek Blicharski and Ania Pawelczyk