Stupid EULA... I guess only the server side gets Tcl until/unless they change that.  I'm ok with that (short term at least).  I'm sure you can build it, you just won't be able to publish it on their store.

They may be worried about security or space, both concerns that I would have as well.

I guess there's not much point in talking Tk until the EULA is changed.  But, remember that Cocoa != Cocoa Touch, both in the APIs as well as in the whole user interface model.  There are different events and widgets, so Tk would be very different on the iPhone than other platforms...

-- Scott

Jeff Hobbs <> wrote:
Scott Redman wrote:
> Has anyone managed to build Tcl (not Tk) using the official iPhone SDK yet?

No, but does have an app for Tcl (and Perl and Python). I
haven't installed it myself, but it is likely just an ARM port and most
certainly doesn't use the iphone SDK. Note that atm the iphone sdk eula
expressly forbids building interpreted languages on it. Go Apple!

> I'm about to embark on such a task, any help would be appreciated
> (procedures, makefiles, even pre-built libraries).
> Tk (or something like it) might be on the horizon as well, but that's a
> different topic for a different thread.

There was some discussion about that, but Jason Slack is working on
general Tk/Cocoa stuff first (the iphone would be the Cocoa Touch variant).