I'm seeing some bad behavior with ActiveTcl 8.6.1 on OS X 10.8.5.

I've got a "messagebox" dialog that pops up a modal dialog.  Interacting with the dialog sets a "choice" variable; I do a grab on the dialog, vwait on the "choice" variable, and then return the choice to the caller:

    grab $dialog
    vwait ::choice

When it hits the "vwait" the dialog appears, garbled, and the app hangs.  If I put an [update idletasks] in before the "vwait", it hangs in the [update idletasks].  If I remove both and let it return to the event loop, the dialog appears in the normal way.  So the problem appears to have something to do with re-entering the event loop.

This is code I've been using for five or six years now; it works fine on Linux and Windows, and (until now) on OS X as well.

At present, it's happening only in the context of my application; I've not yet been able to create a simple bug script.

Anyone else seen anything like this?  Any ideas?


Mr. Will Duquette, OP
will -at- wjduquette dot com