If you are using 8.6:
    lsort -stride 2 -index 1 -integer {carrot 10 apple 50 banana 25}
returns: “carrot 10 banana 25 apple 50”.

array get will return a list of key value...

On 2/27/14, 6:10 PM, David Wang wrote:
Hi Thanks to Donal for his recommendation to change

from set sizes [array names sizeNum] to set sizes [lsort -ascii [array names sizeNum]]

Now I wonder how do I sort based on sIdx ? meaning, I would like it to come out the same
order as inserted. This will solve my problem period.

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I have the following code in tcl and I am new to this language.
Say the following lines get inserted

// used to insert the lines above
foreach f [$par listof names] {
  set sizeNum($f) $sIdx             
  incr sIdx

However, this following code prints out the lines in a different order

set sizes [array names sizeNum]
foreach s $sizes {
set sIdx $sizeNum($s)
    addlines "[$s cget -name]"

Is there a way I can find out what hashing function it uses to
print out the lines in the order it is?



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