The question below should be asked of ActiveState not the Tcl mailing list since the ActiveState is a commercial distribution that is a supper set of Tcl/Tk.  Another avenue would be to post the question to comp.lang.tcl.

Also, the Tcl Core mailing list is to discuss changes to the Core of Tcl, not questions on how to use or do something in Tcl/Tk.

Mark A Jarmus wrote:


We were using the application TclPro 1.1 on a windows platform. In our code we use the commands

package require printer
package require gdi

to be able to print from our Tcl program.

We are in the process of switching to ActiveTcl from TclPro 1.1

What is/are the equivalent command(s) we are to use in ActiveTcl to be able to print from our Tcl program?
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